2012. szeptember 28., péntek

1/52 - Breath of light

How to shoot a burning bulb?

The idea came from a post on DIYP (www.diyphotography.net/give-a-bulb-the-hot-cold-treatment...), but I'll explain the basics here: I used a 60W lightbulb, cracked it open at the top by first heating it up with a candle, then dipping it into ice cold water. The top of the bulb cracked, I made a small hole with tweezers, then put it into a normal lightbulb socket (of course with the setting on OFF).

 I set my camera to continous shooting and focused on the filament inside the bulb, I pressed the shutter button half a second before switching the lamp on, to be sure to get the shot. The whole thing happens in about two seconds, the filament quickly burns and some smoke comes out of the bulb, so I was glad that my Canon 40d has 6,5 fps and I managed to capture the perfect moment.

Other settings
Aperture: F5.6
Exposure: 1/640
Focal lenght: 78 mm

WARNING! Doing this photograph involves exposed wires, playing with fire and annoying the people living in the same flat with you! So kids, don't try this at home :D

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