2012. szeptember 28., péntek

4/52 Flour

I decided to try photographing flour for this week’s picture, and I wanted to get a dark monochrome picture, while keeping the illusion of cooking something, so I grabbed a saucepan and a whisker from the kitchen and began experimenting.

I built my usual little studio (check out the BTS pic’s on Sylights), mounted the whisk onto the small rig I built (used previously for my picture 2/52 Splash! Don’t forget to check that out too!), set up a black background, placed a strobe on each side of the saucepan, lighting the image from up, through snoots.

I triggered the ChangYin flash with a wireless flash trigger, while the Nissin was set to optical slave mode. I started dropping flour into the pan with one hand and trying to press the shutter with the other until I got my final image.

Exposure: 1/200 sec
Aperture: F22
ISO: 200
Focal length: 50mm
Camera: Canon 40d + 50 F1.8

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