2012. október 7., vasárnap

7/52 Wheelie

This weekend was a bit rushed, I tried tons of things but none of them really worked out, so I ended up posting this pic as this week’s image, so sorry, no behind the scenes pictures…

My cousin had the idea of taking pictures of him while he was doing a wheelie on his bike, so I grabbed my strobe and a white umbrella and got to it…

This time settings were pretty simple, I set the power to full, put my camera to P mode, and set it to underexpose by one or two stops, then the flash would compensate it.

The first thing I noticed that when using only one flash, the strobe’s power isn’t enough to perfectly freeze the motion, so I had to do some panning with the camera to get sharp images. The other way would be using more flashes, but sadly my other two YongNuos are still somewhere between Hungary and China. Buying stuff from Ebay takes ages…


Exposure: 1/200 sec
Aperture: F4
ISO: 100
Focal length: 17mm
Camera: Canon 40D + 17-85 IS USM

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