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Week 10&11 – The Halloween Zombie Photoshoot

So this is something I’ve been planning to do for several months now and started organizing it more than a month before the actual event. I wanted to do a mass photoshoot with make up artists and lots of people. I knew Halloween was coming up, so I decided to do something with zombies… lots of zombies.

First I spoke to a few of my friends who are good at doing make up and specialize in making wounds, cuts and bruises. They agreed in helping with the shoot and got all necessary make up stuff too.

Step 2: finding a location. I found a huge unused warehouse not far from where I live with the help of another photographer from a photo forum. I went there, but it was guarded by a security guy with a huge dog, but I spoke to him and later the owner of the warehouse and they let me do my photoshoot (oh and I didn’t have to pay a thing).

Step 3: getting models. I spoke to a lot of my friends and made a Facebook event, and got 15 people to come. Actually about 20 people said that they would come (on Facebook), but you can’t take Facebook events too seriously. Still that was way more, than I expected…

Step 4: getting photo equipment. I knew I was going to shoot in some very tight spaces, so I decided to rent a wide angle lens. I instantly ran into a problem: there aren’t that many lens rental places in Hungary and even less who have wide angle lenses (to be precise: 1). But I got lucky and was able to get the single rentable wide angle lens in Budapest! It was a Sigma 12-24 and they gave it for a pretty reasonable price. I also needed a few extra flashes, so I borrowed that from one of my friends.

All the stuff we needed
Step 5: getting props. I brought a few smaller props, like an ax, some clothes and torches with me (I also played with the thought of bringing a chainsaw with me). But that wasn’t enough, so I asked the models if someone had any guns, weapons or any other cool props, and it turned out that someone had. One of the girls turned up with a huge airsoft gun and several smaller guns too… oh and she brought some cookies and chairs also!!!

The Shoot

When the big day finally came, I instantly knew there was a problem: it was 6-7 Celsius and raining… And we were supposed to shoot in an abandoned windy warehouse with no windows or heating. But we went anyway...

Since it was sooo bloody cold I brought several liters of warm tea and later on ordered some pizzas. Food and drinks are the best way to pay back your crew for their time and effort… and their frozen body parts.

I can’t really recall all the flash settings, so I’ll just give you some lighting diagrams for each picture. We started photographing in the dungeons (that picture is not finished yet, I’ll update the post then), then we moved up to the stairs.

The next shot shows a survivor who got cornered by zombies, while another survivor desperately tries to help him and shoot a few zombies.

Then we made an epic battle between zombies and the remaining few humans on the stairs, and I ran into the shot too (I’m the dead body in the front of the image).

The last shot was upstairs, and I wanted this to be very action packed, so I got one of my models to jump of a ledge. Plus I added a videogame-style HUD (heads up display) in post. And before you ask, no, that wasn’t an existing template, I created it.

So to finish the post of, I think it was a great shoot and a great experience for everybody who was there, even though we froze to death. I would like to thank everybody who participated in the event.

The Crew

Make up:
Hantos Márta Laura
Bóra Blanka Lengyel

Nina Somlói
Lilla Limbek
Vivi Tenk
Zsófia Cselovszki
Janka Dócs
Ábris Somorjai
Bence Baráth
Gergő Kovács
Artúr Seres

Assistants, video:
Barna Pásztor
Zsófi Gorka
Kinga Máhr

There will be a behind the scenes video coming out, when the last image is edited, and I’ll update the post then.

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