2012. december 22., szombat

16/52 After Dark

I heard that the new Star Trek was coming out, plus I’m reading the Metro 2033 books and occasionally playing Halo, so I really felt like I should do some film poster-like sci-fi photo, so that’s what I did!

First I decided to get a gun. I wasn’t going to just simply buy something, I had to build it. I saw a very good series of videos by Andrew Cook (AKA DaFrontlineTrooper) on how to make a Halo Magnum gun and decided to do it like that. If you don’t want to watch all 5 episodes, I’ll quickly write down how to do it.

Andrew Cook's tutorial:
What you’ll need:

-         Thick XPS foam (it’s usually used as insulation in construction works)
-         Several sharp knives
-         Acrylic paints
-         Hot glue gun
-         A few screws (optional)
-         Sandpaper

I printed a template for the gun and cut it out of XPS foam, plus I printed out pictures of how the gun should look like when finished. I got my knives and slowly carved until it looked like the real gun, sanded it down, glued on some extra pieces and added the screws (okay, you really should watch the videos!). The next step is painting: DO NOT SPRAY PAINT IT! (or use any other paint that has solvent in it, otherwise your several hours of work will be ruined within seconds… I know what I’m talking about), I used acrylic paints, but decided not to do the normal Halo paintjob, but a custom one.

Step two: make some fake blood. My fake blood didn’t turn out as good as I wanted it, because most fake blood recepies are based on corn syrup, but I didn’t find any of that at home, so I ended up using some shady tips from some Youtube video, cooking up water and sugar and other weird ingredients, this ended up pretty bad, so I’d advise you to do it properly… Or just buy some fake blood.

The next part of the make up was the dirt on me. I tried to use coal, but that wasn’t dark and contrasty enough, so my sister decided to paint me with some water-based black paint, that was lying around the house… not the most sophisticated, but an effective way.

Lighting took some experimenting, I ended up using three lights (now that I have several strobes it usually ends that way), one blue gelled hair light, a gobo-d strobe as a main light and another blue gelled strobe as fill for the gun. Plus there was a reflector lying around too, but it didn’t really do anything, not enough light was reflecting of it to actually alter the scene.

In post production I decided to further emphasize the sci-fi look, so I added some anamorphic lens flares which I got from an awesome website called http://freelements.com/, they give away royalty-free stock footage for free, even for commercial use. I simply turned the blacks into Alpha and added the flares. Totally J. J. Abrams or Michael Bay look…

Settings for the shot:
Exposure: 1/160 sec
Aperture: F8
ISO: 100
Focal length: 50mm
Camera: Canon 40D + EF 50mm F1.8

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