2013. január 19., szombat

20/52 Lightsphere

This week is the 20th picture of my series, so I decided to do something totally different from the pictures I did before. Steel wool light painting combined with strobe lighting…

About steel wool: it’s a bundle of very thin wires usually used to smooth surfaces, just like sandpaper, so you’ll find it in some home depos or just search on the internet. The thickness is measured in 1-4 digit numbers, only the ones when all the digits are 0 are usable (0, 00, 000, 0000), the other types are too thick. You will need to build a small gadget to help spin it smoothly: buy few carabiners, a whisker, duct tape and some cable, string etc. to attach the whole thing together. You can see the setup here:

Making the orb isn’t as hard as it looks, first you fill the whisker up with steel wool (not too tightly), light it with a match or a 9v battery, then start spinning it. To get the orb shape you have to mark a spot on the ground where you want the orb to be, and slowly walk around it while spinning the steel wool and always keeping the whisker above the mark. Also make sure to give your suffering assistant some hot chocolate after the end of the freezing shoot.

I also added a little twist to the image by adding a human subject, I had to stand very still for 15 seconds, but I also added a rimlight to help to conceal the blur. I added an orange gel to the YongNuo 560 II help it blend into the image even better.

Warning: Always wear eye protection and long clothes while doing this! If you set yourself on fire, it’s not my fault. You have been warned…

Also there is an excelent tutorial on steel wool by PhotoExtremist, check it out:

Exposure: 15 sec
Aperture: F9
ISO: 100
Focal length: 17mm
Camera: Canon 40d + 17-85 IS USM

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