2013. február 15., péntek

23/52 Ski!

So tomorrow (actually by the time I post this it’ll be more like today) I’m going to ski camp and of course I had to do a picture with skis! Though a word of warning: if you try to do photographs like this you are very possibly going to get a heatstroke in the studio… you’ve been warned!

A little update on my 52 week project: I’ve been experiencing a few difficulties lately, first the lack of time, then the lack of camera. My good old 40D sadly died on me last week and is currently at Canon for repairs, it needs a new shutter. And believe me, it’s bloody expensive comparing it to the actual price of the camera. So now I use a borrowed 550D/T2i, but I didn’t get a charger with it, so photos as long as the batteries last…

This picture is a two light setup, one rimlight to either side of the subject, both flagged to avoid lens flare. The flashes used were YongNuo 560 IIs, I have fully zoomed them in to 105mm and set them to 1/32 of power.

Settings for the shot:
Exposure: 1/160 sec
Aperture: F8
ISO: 100
Focal length: 50mm
Camera: Canon 550D/T2i + EF 50mm F1.8

Off to Austria in a few hours, expect some pictures from there!

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