2013. március 6., szerda

How To Build a Cheap Photo Background?

This is an unusual blogpost here, I usually don’t do DIY builds, but in the future, I’m planning to do more. This weekend I decided that I needed a better background than the one used before: it was too small and not high enough… Plus a piece of wood suspended between a ladder and a shelf doesn’t look really professional, does it? So I went to the local hardware store and bought a few things.

It’s a really simple and cheap way of building a backdrop; I just used a couple of screws, and 4 pieces of wood. I won’t go into the building process, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory and I’d just boar you to death… Let the images speak for themselves!

Oh and a quick note, you can remove one of the poles and take the background down without taking the whole thing apart, plus when you don’t need it, you can put the whole thing away and just a few hooks are visible on the ceiling…

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