2013. május 6., hétfő

36/52 Vivi

A classmate of mine asked me to take a few pictures of her in the dresses she designed and made herself. Of course I said yes, but instantly realized a problem: my studio is way to small for full body shots, so I spoke to the photography teacher in the school and asked if I could borrow the school studio for the shoot, so this turned out to be an interesting experience for me too, since this was the first time I used studio strobes, not just speedlights.

Another surprise came when two girls tuned up for the shoot, but I must say, I didn’t have a problem with that. We had to shoot several dresses in a relatively short timeframe, so I did the setup before they arrived, but did a few changes later on. I had no idea what equipment the school has, so I brought a few stuff with me too. I ended up using two studio strobes, lightstands, a background (which was in a terrible state) and a huge reflector from the studio, plus my own stuff (a speedlight with a grid and an umbrella for one of the strobes).

Shooting was pretty fun, we even got a little audience for some time and then we decided to steal a few flowers from the corridor to use as props and after a few minutes of settings and directing the models we were able to take great images with very little directing for the models from me, they were like they did this before…

Vivi Tenk
Zita Antal

Settings for the shot:
Exposure: 1/160 sec
Aperture: F8
ISO: 100
Focal length: 50mm
Camera: Canon 40D + EF 50mm F1.8

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