2013. május 27., hétfő

Week 38. & 39. – Germany (+ Strasbourg)

I spent nearly two weeks in Germany on a school exchange and I’ve traveled through the country with a bus. It was an epic journey with so many interesting places: Mauthausen, Munich, Buchen, Scheringen, Miltenberg, Heidelberg, Strasbourg (I know it’s not in Germany, but we popped over to France) and last but not least: Berlin!

It was a fun trip, we stayed at host families, slept on the bus or in youth hostels, practiced German and a few of us took pictures… I personally did about 1200 of them and it will be a hell of a job to go through all of them. I only had time to quickly browse through them, but the two images here really caught my attention.

One of them is about getting the shot no one else dares to take and the other is about patience. For the first image I had to stick my camera out through some cables on the top terrace of a church in Strasbourg. My camera is not a small thing (Canon 40D with a grip and a 17-85mm) and it barely fit through… I might have added a few new scratches to the collection. I didn’t see what I was photographing, I couldn’t check the viewfinder or the screen, I only relied on my experience and luck, but in the end it worked out. This BTS image was taken by my friend Tamas Svaby and it shows how uncomfortable it is to try a shot like this:

The second shot was a tricky one too. The subject is the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders Haus, it is a freshly built part of the German parliament in Berlin (it houses the archives, the library etc.) and it has this nice narrow river in front of it. Well that presented a problem, since it was constantly filled with tourist boats and they always ruined the picture, so I had to play the waiting game. When there was a gap in the stream I only had about 5 seconds to take this shot and then it was all boats again. Luckily the 25 people who I was with were listening to something the tour guide was saying and they didn’t have to wait too long for me.

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